Top 7 Table Lamps You Would Love to Own

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Top 7 Table Lamps You Would Love to Own

January 8, 2021 0 Comments

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Top 7 Table Lamps You Would Love to Own

Table lamps can bring elegance to your living space while serving the lighting purpose. While buying table lamps, you will have to consider both the light and an elegant look to make a smart buy. You will find beautiful designs, sizes, and shapes to boost the curb appeal of your home interior. You can expect the best quality material with a flexible budget. In this article, we will help you with the top 7 table lamps. All of them are highly rated by users.

Aida 17.5" Table Lamp
Aida 17.5" comes as an excellent blend of the chic and modern charm. You will love the simple but classic look. It can complement your interior and serve the purpose it is designed for. Aida table lamp features wood and ceramic base with a white shed. This perfect piece of the light can take your home décor to the next level. The design and the price make it one of the most preferred choices among buyers. The number of the light is one and it features off and on switch for easy usage.
Imelde 24" Table Lamp
You will have to spend a little more for the elegant look of the Imelde 24. Yes, it looks great and impressive and can be best to create a style statement. The added benefit is fast and free delivery. The modern sleek style and bold round space with a brushed nickel body can complement your home interior. You can use it on your nightstands or side tables. In both these conditions, this table lamp will look aesthetically appealing. It features a 3-way switch and LED compatible. The base material of this product is metal.
Chesterfield 25" Table Lamp
You will find one exception in the Chesterfield 25. This table lamp features two lights when the above two comes with one light only. It can be ideal to be used on a console table to get the required brightness and classic look. You can use it on your bedside tables as well. This pair of table lamps can be a great addition to any living space including your bedroom or living room. These lamps are crafted from metal and come with a horn-shaped base. You will also appreciate the streamlined and sleek look and drum shades.
Eric 26" Table Lamp
Eric 26" is designed to offer advanced functionality and appealing look. This table lamp can complement any modern home. It is crafted from the metal and features a streamlined base with the three side support to offer a durable result. The solid finish and the color palettes will go well with other decors of your interior. This can be best if you are looking for a sophisticated appearance. Besides, it features a contemporary design and a diffusing light from a 60W medium-base bulb. It has a rotary socket switch type and the base material is metal.
Silvy 29" Table Lamp
The wood material and the classic design of the Silvy 29 make it one of the best selling table lamps in the current condition. It features two-tone gradations. You will love the neutral drum shade and the beautifully handcrafted design. This lamp can offer a sophisticated look with perfect lights. The switch type of the Silvy 29 is 3-way and the base material is resin. It comes with two lights and can offer more brightness than the above-mentioned options.
Flannery 28" Table Lamp
You can consider Flannery 28" if you want to transform the look of your living room. This beautiful lamp features a metal body with a traditional silhouette to offer genuine K9 crystal accents as well as an elegant shade. It is designed to provide a touch of glam. You can use it to brighten up any room. Also, you can use it for a long by wiping down occasionally. The base materials are metal and crystal. It is LED compatible as well.
Camarena 17.5" Table Lamp
You can try Camarena 17.5"if you want a great combination of the traditional charm and modern design. The trendy design and classic wood base make it the best fit for any room. This lamp is brilliantly crafted as well as hand-finished to provide a lasting result. Bulbs are included. Also, it does not demand much maintenance. Simply wiping down with cotton will serve the purpose.

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