7 Boy’s Rugs That Will Surely Be the Buyers’ Choice This Year

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7 Boy’s Rugs That Will Surely Be the Buyers’ Choice This Year

January 9, 2021 0 Comments

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7 Boy’s Rugs That Will Surely Be the Buyers’ Choice This Year

Are you planning to redecorate your kid’s room this New Year? If yes, buying a rug would be a good idea. Here are few of the best options you will come across when buying boys’ rugs.

Mod Dino Floor Hand-Tufted Cotton Navy Blue/Gray Area Rug
This should be your pick for your little boy’s room particularly if it’s a Sweet Jojo Designs room. However, a Mod Dino hand tufted rug would also complement several other room decors. Although your little one would be fascinated primarily by the images woven on the rug, the biggest highlight of this piece is its material. It has been made using 100 percent cotton yarn. This ensures that the rug feels as wonderful as it looks. Another notable feature of the rug is its non-skid backing. This feature makes it a perfect piece for any room, be it your bedroom or bathroom. We would like to add here that little one would be able to manage it pretty easily as it is not very heavy.
Strouse Kids Solar System Blue Area Rug
The makers have designed it aptly for kids’ playrooms, bedrooms, classrooms, daycare’s, and pre-schools. Your boy would definitely love the idea of having a solar system in his room. This particular rug features a stunning blue-colored solar system with the planets done in various bright and arresting shades. Thanks to the rug’s no-slip rubber backing, you will be able to place it anywhere in a house. If you are wondering whether the solar system rug would be easy to clean, rest assured. The unit scores pretty impressively even in this department. It can be cleaned both using a vacuum cleaner and inside a washing machine. However, the good news is that as a result of being soil and strain resistant, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning.
Corina Let’s Play Blue Kids Rug
This is another product for the fans of the color blue. This is a perfect piece for parents who want their kid to play some kind of sports or individuals whose kids are already in love with sports. The Corina Let’s Play Blue Kids Rug is beautiful to look at. Its aesthetic appeal would surely make it a favorite of your kid the moment he would see it. The piece is extremely durable thanks to the high quality nylon it has been made up of. The rug is available in a number of sizes; you will have to pick one depending on the area of the space you would be laying it on.
Corina Little Navigator Area Rug
If your boy loves adventure and is a big fan of trucks and cars, there cannot be a better rug than this one from the Corina collection. The rug features a dedicated bus loading area and parking spots. Your boy will be able to use it for taking part in some imaginative adventure tours with his toy trucks and cars. What’s extremely reassuring is the fact that this boys' rug has been made using highly durable material; it is sturdy enough to withstand your boy’s actions.
Burnham Hand-Tufted Wool Green Area Rug
If you want your kid’s room to have a pleasant finish, buy this rug for him. This hand-tufted piece is green in color and would complement most kids’ room décor. This unit has been made using cotton (30 percent) and polyester (70 percent) of highest quality and is extremely soft to touch.
Straight Kids Football, Baseball, Basketball Soccer Blue Area Rug
Is your kid a sports enthusiast? If yes, cover the floor of his room with this special rug. As a result of having a series of bright colors, the rug would also enhance the appearance of your little one’s room significantly. The is a machine-made unit and has been crafted using high quality polypropylene. It comes with anti-skid backing and is soil and stain resistant.
Corina Toolbox Kids Rug
Is your kid aspiring to be an engineer? These boys' rugs would definitely make him feel like one. It has some of the most widely used construction tools woven in it. What’s more, the piece is extremely colorful and would match the cheerful nature of your boy aptly. This power loom production has been crafted using 100 percent nylon and is meant just of indoor use.

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