Top 9 Uniquely Designed Mirrors Under $150 For Your Home

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Top 9 Uniquely Designed Mirrors Under $150 For Your Home

December 17, 2020 0 Comments

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Top 9 Uniquely Designed Mirrors Under $150 For Your Home

Wheless Contemporary Rectangle Accent Mirror
A mirror that will catch anyone's eye. Mirror's frame is made of rectangles that reflect light and bring special effects to the room. Characteristics •Overal size 35.5'' H x 23.5'' W •Mirror size 18'' H x 29.5'' W •Weight 35.2 lb. •Wall-mounted
Wheless Beveled Accent Mirror
It is the second mirror on the list, and it also has a uniquely designed frame. It is a statement in a room. Characteristics •Overall size 35'' H x 22'' W •Mirror size 25'' H x 13'' W •Weight 24.2 lb. •Wall-mounted
Inglaterra Accent Mirror
Uniquely designed with a simple frame, this mirror can uplift any space. Characteristics •Overall size 36'' H x 20'' W x 4.3'' D •Mirror size 33'' H x 19'' W •Weight 17 lb. •Wall-mounted
Frameless with Bevel Edge Accent Mirror
If simplicity is what you search for, then this frameless mirror is what you want. Simple but effective! Characteristics •Overall size 24'' H x 36'' W (30'' H x 36''/ W36'' H x 36''/ W36'' H x 48''/ W48'' H x 48'' W) •Weight- up to 11.88 lb. •Wall-mounted
Kinley Accent Mirror
For the ones that love round shapes, this is the perfect design. Characteristics •Overall size 28.5'' H x 23.5'' W x 1.1'' D •Mirror size 23'' H x 23'' W •Weight 10.5 lb. •Wall-mounted
Modern & Contemporary Beveled Accent Mirror
Another tastefully designed framed mirror, shaped to make space look bigger. You can install it in a bathroom or any other room. Characteristics •Overall size 31.5'' H x 23.6'' W (47.3'' H x 15.8'' W/ 39.4'' H x 27.6'' W/ 47.3'' H x 31.5'' W) •Mirror size 25.5'' H x 17.6'' W (up to 40.8'' H x 25.5'' W) •Weight 16.7 lb.( up to 31 lb.) •Wall-mounted
Trigg Beveled Accent Mirror
A glamourous mirror that contains a tastefully decorated frame is for the ones who like glitter and sparkle but in a small dose. Characteristics •Overall size 32'' H x 20'' W x 1.25'' D •Mirror size 26'' H x 14.5'' W •Weight 14 lb. •Wall-mounted
Pires Farmhouse Wall Mirror
For nature lovers, here is a mirror with a beautifully designed wooden frame. It will bring a touch of nature into your space. Characteristics •Overall size 28.5'' H x 23.5'' W x 1.5'' D •Mirror size 20'' H x 12'' W •Weight 10.5 lb. •Wall-mounted
Bartolo Accent Mirror
Last but not least, on this list of mirrors is a tastefully designed mirror with an eye-catching frame that gives the room a special touch. Characteristics •Overall size 36'' H x 30'' W x 2'' D •Mirror size 28'' H x 22'' W •Weight 16 lb. •Wall-mounted

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