Top 6 Floor Mirrors – Reflecting the Beauty of Your Interiors

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Top 6 Floor Mirrors – Reflecting the Beauty of Your Interiors

February 4, 2021 0 Comments

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Top 6 Floor Mirrors - Reflecting the Beauty of Your Interiors

Whether you are looking for a full length mirror for a complete view of yourself, or wish to use a mirror to lighten, brighten and enhance your interiors, a floor mirror is the perfect answer to all your needs. A floor mirror is an independent unit that is free standing on the floor but is taller and larger than the standard mirrors. Having said that, floors are not the only place they can be used at. They can also be used on walls extending upwards from the floor.

Floor mirrors add to the functional and aesthetic aspects of your rooms. While they are excellent for the purpose you wish to use it for, they add an elegant look and feel to your rooms as well. In this piece, we will list some of the best full length floor mirrors that you can opt for. Here’s the list:

Modern Mirror - from Brayden Studio
This leaning mirror brings out the best out of the low-key aesthetics of your room. Place this across a window of your room and the mirror will reflect the right around the room like a pro. The light and sturdy mirror are perfect for any room. You can hang it vertically or horizontally. With easy 2-Day shipping and a 30 day return policy you shall not hesitate to get one today.
Contemporary & Modern from Glass Warehouse
The mirror is aesthetically designed and lends a spacious feeling to any room. It uses environment-friendly processes of manufacturing and prevents the mirror from corrosion that may take place over time. The frames are made up of stainless steel that minimizes the risk of swelling in wooden or rusting in iron frames. The quality of materials used and the quality of finishing is top-notch. There is a free shipping facility and a 30-day return policy. The only downside of this mirror is its high price.
Northcutt Mirror from Willa Arlo Interiors
This wall is the perfect full length mirror that goes perfectly with your interior setting. The frame is made of resin, and the glass mirror is beveled, this mirror adds an element of glamor and style to your rooms. Since this mirror is ideal to be used in damp spaces as well, they can be mounted above a vanity in your bathrooms or just left leaning in a master suite. This top-rated product is shipped for free and has a 30 days return policy.
Loeffler Accent Mirror from Mercury Row
Now get ready with style with this full length mirror. Place it effortlessly in your bathrooms and bedrooms and will blend perfectly with all. The mirror frame is crafted from high quality wood and has a beautiful solid finish. The frame is narrow and stands tall and there is an easel backing that helps it to stand on its own in an unused corner. There’s a free 2 day shipping and a 30 day standard return policy for you to try it out.
Ghore Mirror from August Grove
Whether you are just checking your outfit before heading out or wish to lend a bright hue and accent to your room, this mirror fits perfectly with your needs. Made from reflective glass that has a glossy feel to it, this mirror comes with a wooden frame with a beautiful metallic finish which adds versatility to your living spaces. Mount it on a wall or simply let it lean against the wall, this one can be used the way you want. Free 2-day shipping and a 30-day returns policy mean you can try it out without any apprehensions.
Somerton Mirror from Three Posts
Use this perfect full length mirror to tactfully make your living spaces look bigger and stylish. This mirror blends perfectly with many design aesthetics and its rectangular frame has a rustic finish that makes it look contemporary and yet so regal and royal. Crafted from Polystyrene, beveled glass in the mirror is perfect for every purpose. The hanging hooks make it ideal to use it on mirrors the way you want. The standard shipping and a 30 day return policy applies.

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