7 Fine Art Prints To Add Some Artwork To Your Home

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7 Fine Art Prints To Add Some Artwork To Your Home

December 17, 2020 0 Comments

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7 Fine Art Prints To Add Some Artwork To Your Home

Hanging original paintings in your home beats displaying cheap generic posters anytime. Consider these fine art prints from up-and-coming artists.

Birthday Bouquet I
This artwork from Cyrille Gulassa is a representation of the artist's exploration of the many layers of her being. It combined painting with collage and the result is a multi-layered piece to portraying a multi-dimensional bouquet of life.
A Winter's Walk
Created by Alison Jerry Designs, this painting of a beach landscape is inspired by times spent by the artist on the beach. She deliberately mixed the water with the clouds to create a moody yet still uplifting artwork.
Get Lost
This painting by Jess Franks was inspired by her favorite moments when she goes hiking. It is her attempt to make the moments last. To capture the beautiful coastal scenery, the artist used bold brushstrokes and muted colors.
Late in the Day
This meditative painting is created by Mya Bessette. It perfectly captures that time of the day when the last ray of light is keeping the world illuminated. For some reason, the work evokes a sense of freedom.
Nature, you and me N.4 I
Catilustre is the artist behind this abstract painting that expresses the relationships of beings. The meeting of the lines represents the interconnection of all beings. And the irregularity of the patterns represents nature itself.
Another Catilustre creation, this minimalist painting depicts a nude woman at the point of being conscious. The artist used simple yet expressive lines that perfectly represent the movement of the model.
Ghent is a place in Belgium and this painting is the artist's attempt to capture her memory of her experience, particularly of a medieval castle. It is created by Heather Defense who toured Belgium with a friend.

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