10 Rugs To Compliment Your Living Space

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10 Rugs To Compliment Your Living Space

March 19, 2021 0 Comments

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10 Rugs To Compliment Your Living Space

You want a rug that compliments your living room without being too much or taking away from your overall theme and color combinations. You ant a rug that opens up the space for your visitors, making it inviting and comforting to be in without getting in the way. In this list, you will be shown the 10 best rugs for your living room with varying sizes of 5 by 7 to 8 by 10.

Chindi Braided Multi Rug
Whether you pick orange, purple or ivory, the multicolored threads open up a room and warm up a monochrome space. If you want just a touch of a burst of color in your living room, this 5 by 7 rug is just for you. Pick a shape for just $61.00.
Blue Reverse Herringbone Area Rug
This modern zigzag design makes your living room or bedroom extra spacious. This rug can be subtle between white and pink. This 5 by 7 rug is yours for $26.80.
Keno Multi Striped Shaggy Area Rug
This is a rug for people that appreciate bright colors and a neutral pattern. It fills up a minimalist living room and only for $76.90.
Chroma Multi Mosaic Medallion Rug
This is a multi colored rug that offers an eye catching centerpiece that gives it that middle eastern flare. This rug is yours for $86.30.
Thomas Paul Starfish And Stripes Gray Rug
Have you ever wished you were closer to the sea? Well, this 5 by 7 or 8 rug allows you that whimsical beach night with its adorable starfish patterns. It gives the space that monochromatic finish that it needs, and only for $63.20.
Maui Jute Braided Area Rug
This is one 8 by 10 area rug you'll want as a centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room. It's simple, soft to the touch and gives you multiple color choices from navy to off white. Get it for $49.50.
Bosphorus Moroccan Trellis Area Rug
This may not be the most affordable rug at $157.00, but this 8 by 10 color palette is simple yet complex, just right for a simple room in your home or apartment.
Maui Jute Braided Off White Area Rug
This simple 8 by 10 rug compliments any room thanks to its simple yet vast color choices. Get one for the price of $49.50.
Textures Braided Off White Rug
If you wanted a rug that sports just a solid block of color, then this one is for you. It's simple and affordable for only $37.40.
Granite Mist Shades Gray Rug
This rug sports a misted and marbled pattern that evokes mystery and simplicity for a decorated room. Buy this rug for the price of $134.70.

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